Monday, August 17, 2015

Pitch Wars Mentee Blog Hop

If you're reading this post, it's probably for the Pitch Wars Mentee Blog Hop. So…you want to know about me? *raises eyebrows and scratches chin*

Most of the time you can find me writing. I had this perfect rule to only work on writing one story at a time. Wattpad kind of broke that.

I am a huge Wattpad supporter. You can always find me checking Wattpad on my phone. This summer I walked around New York City with my Wattpad bag. If you use the site, you may or may not find this cool—my novel, Expiration Date, was number one on the Science Fiction list for almost two straight months.

My favorite fictional character is Loki. Because of him, villains are usually my favorite characters to write. 

True. And sometimes they just need to know that there is someone there for them. He's probably really lonely because everyone takes one look and runs just cause he's a frost giant or cause he's adopted.

I write young adult science fiction and fantasy. I believe a novel is easier to write than a short story.

My favorite book is the Cage by Megan Shepherd. It had me tearing my hair out...well almost. I kept yanking at it. It wouldn't budge.

My inspiration comes from this

Ramin Karimloo best phantom

and this dude again

Best. Gif. Ever.

I may or may not have my characters sing duets in my head.

One of my career goals is to work as an Acquisitions Editor in a publishing house.

I hate driving. I just do.

I love cinnamon rolls. Disney has the best, followed by Panera.

My favorite movies, well you can probably guess two of them. But I also love Beauty and the Beast.

I love Doctor Who, Reign, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the Middle, and the Goldbergs. Also America's Got Talent even though it lets me see how untalented I am. I can hula hoop, but it's not worth a million dollars.

And last thing--that GIF is the first I've ever shared on any type of blog. I didn't even think it would work here. So even if Pitch Wars doesn't work out, I am quite proud of myself, because I can now share GIFs with the world.

I'll leave you with this...

No words in the scene - the actions and editing are awesome. Such meaning in those few seconds. Pride and Prejudice

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  1. Hi! I'm Strawberry_Cream1928 from Wattpad. I just saw the link to this on your profile, and it's hilarious. The GIFS make it ten times better, as GIFS are wont to do.

    I love writing villains too! They are such complex characters and make stories so much more interesting, especially when they have good backstories.